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Bouncer gives you the ability to grant permissions temporarily. Want to tag a location or take a photo, but don't want that app to be able to use the camera or get your location whenever it wants? Bouncer gives you exactly that.

As soon as you exit the app, Bouncer will automatically remove the permission for you in an instant so you can get back to doing what you do best, without having to worry about apps invading your privacy and wasting your battery.

Bouncer can be used for both purposes but as you use apps throughout the day they will be in the foreground a lot of the time.
Increased security, privacy and battery life.
Never have to worry what apps are doing in the background.
No complicated setup needed.

Bouncer uses an accessibility service. It activates when you grant a permission and gives you the option to remove it. When you go home, Bouncer will open the app's settings and remove the permission for you extremely quickly.

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