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  • Client: Google Ink

If you are also planning to build a profitable parking mobile app venture, you must first get a hold of how it would work for the user. Users of a parking mobile app follow these simple steps to book parking slots for their vehicle in no time:

Search – Users of parking mobile apps enter the details of their vehicle location using GPS or by manually typing the same. This helps them find the nearest spot available for parking their vehicles.
Compare – The parking app gives its users a range of parking options to choose from. Users can compare these options based on the price and the distance from the vehicle location.
Book the Spot – Based on the above comparison, the vehicle owners can book their selected parking spot and then get a passcode for the same.
Payment - Users are given the option to make booking payments through cards or pay by cash later.
Driveaway – The users can also make use of the app’s in-built navigational assistance to drive away to the parking spot.
Park the Vehicle – Now the driver can park the car in the allotted slot.

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